See that little bar of tabs for different pages above my little picture of the ceiling of the British Museum?

See the one that says “Bucket List?”

Click on it.
Read it.
Love it.

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love is wisdom

that sparkle in kati's eye

Oh Romeo
I let down my long hair
Climb to me swiftly
Answer my prayer
Lay this frail beauty
Unravel the beast
Push forth your love song
Don’t ‘pent to priest
I am the mystery
That you have acquired
You are the backbone
I long have desired
Kiss me sweet softly
Pull me ashore
Touch light my face
Love me once more
Hungry I grow
On you I feed
See my heart melt
On doth you proceed
Sweet Juliet
As she waits in her tower
Off with lost years
Come hallow your flower

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find me now am what you been waiting for

Nikergo's Blog

I’ve started drawing again, inspired by a video I saw yesterday, about being bullied and getting through it.
Here are some of the sketches I’ve made since last night:

picture one, version one

picture one, version two

picture two

picture three
The overall theme is childhood and imagination.

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friends can be come enemies but cherries your friends to the end

I asked God to OPEN MY EYES to EVERYONE in my life. From every position they held or sat in. I said, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” Prepare me…… And HE IS…..

It slowly started, but then each day the levels and degrees got closer to me and deeper even more REVEALING…..

THERE IS A KNOT in my Stomach and an EXCITEMENT in my heart. There’s a NEED for realignment and the zeal to make a new start. There is HOPE for tomorrow but I need some HEALING for today.

How can one be extremely HAPPY and SAD at the same time? But I am!!!

So fresh..

And GENUINELY smiling through my heartFELT tears!


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animals has emense feelin tooo

Baxterwrites Stories

The weekly photo challenge (click here to join in on the fun) In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that means KISS to you!

    Before I post the photo, I would like to tell you a short story of how these love birds ended up in the intimate embrace pictured in below.

Isaac has dark eyes and dark hair. He is very muscular and Boston radiates from his personality, his very core. He had been chasing Om Joy for quite some time. After all, he thought to himself, “What’s not to love! She is radiant!” Om Joy had long dark hair with golden highlights and the greenest of eyes. Her eyes absolutely captivated him. Unfortunately, she always ran. She did not seem to want to give him the time of day much less offer him a smile or kind word. Still, he could…

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children are the future

Bottle of Sunshine


Oh the unintended Gospel told by a child.

This child has my heart. I don’t think there is anything I would not do for her or any way I could love her any less. She is my niece–knowing this love, I can only imagine what my sister must feel as her mother. I hope to speak truth and devoted love into her life, so to receive this brought me to tears.

I am not one to be depressed or angry on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I have always enjoyed that it is a day we dedicate specifically to love–I have always received so much joy from celebrating, whether it is my dad writing me a poem, buying a cross with a friend, or having a flower exchange so us girls can end the day with a friendship bouquet (I know, girls are batty…but awesome). So this mood of feeling subpar…

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dont even thinkrorists of ter


Well, through all of Dr. Wilson’s classic lines, all-nighters with Brock, Haley and Jessica, and the most studying I’ve put into any one test in my entire life, I achieved my goal:

“Dear McKann Hanseen,

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Public Relations program in the Department of Communications.

Department of Communications”


I am so thrilled and so humbled to have this chance! Rumor has it that over 70 applied and only 40 were accepted. This program is in the top 5 in the nation for Public Relations! I’m feeling so blessed.

Thanks to all who listened to and prayed for my fretting and worrying about tests, papers, projects, case studies, and applications!


photo (8)

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